A foreigner has to obtain a work permit Vietnam to work in Vietnam.

Un étranger doit obtenir un permis de travail Vietnam pour travailler au Vietnam.

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Company in Vietnam

Working in Vietnam

What are the documents that an expatriate must realise to work in Vietnam?

Vietnamese government policy :

The Vietnamese government incites the foreign companies and the Vietnamese companies to hire first and foremost the citizens of Vietnamese nationality to work in Vietnam.

A foreign company or a Vietnamese company should always justify the surplus value that the foreigner worker will bring compared to a Vietnamese worker on the same post to be filled.

The surplus value is justifiable by the degrees, the skills, the professional experiences which are based on 5 years and especially by the current needs of the Vietnamese government to promote the development of Vietnam.

The documents required for an expatriate to work in Vietnam :

The work permit :

The expatriate must have a work contract with a company to obtain a work permit in Vietnam.
He must also present the investment license of the company in which he works.

The investment license :

The expatriate must have an authorization of the Vietnamese government, the investment license in Vietnam, to create a legal company in the Vietnamese territory.

Note : The Vietnamese government often requires a hefty amount of investment.

The resident card :

The expatriate must be the holder of a work permit or an investment license to obtain a resident card in Vietnam and reside for a long time on the Vietnamese territory.

The professional or business visa :

The expatriate must obtain a professional or business visa in Vietnam to search a work or to start a professional activity as an employee within a company.

Note : For the Vietnamese government, it is better for the expatriate salaried to make quickly a request for a work permit rather than renew a professional visa every three months.

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